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Artiste peintre et plasticienne Guadeloupe
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Valdem – The Artist
Born in 1964 at Tours, Valdem lives and works in Guadeloupe.
Her first experience with brushes and colors takes place in the 1990s while she navigates through the Caribbean Sea as a professional skipper. A box of watercolours and some paper sheets are then her only artistic tools, the infinity of the horizon guiding her imagination.
After a rather Cartesian path, Abstract Art appeared to her as an obvious necessity. Her current paintings are nourished by her past experiences as a trained Scientist either navigating the oceans or teaching sciences.
It is an encounter with the abstract twist of the Contemporary Art that captivated, a little more than 15 years ago, her mind and her imagination which brought her to commit herself in an artistic way. Detailed drawing is her main frame.
For her current work, two different and independent techniques are used:

- Acrylic paint in mixed techniques
- India ink on paper.